Arthur Hume

'I highly recommend Fusion and Windhager products with respect to BioMass, they are both quality companies and I thank them very much.'

Customer: Arthur & Michelle Hume / Northumberland

Installation: Windhager Biomass Boiler

We had an oil fired central heating system for our bungalow which fed 13 radiators, the system was approx 12-14 years old and we were spending just over £1000 per year on oil based on 50p/ltr.

I was informed about the RHI by my friend who had been contacted by a firm in Wakefield who duly came out and gave us the spiel on the RHI and its advantages for repaying the installation costs. I then contacted your company for an estimate together with a local firm. Next day I was contacted by your company and a survey was organised and conducted within the week, by Jason, very efficient.

I got a third estimate from the local firm who incidentally were the lowest quote, BUT, the unit was inferior to the Windhager product and they could not fit me in until the turn of the year, which coincided with the reduction of 10% in the RHI.

I then contacted Jason at Fusion again to explain the situation, he got back to me with an offer I could not refuse for the full install.



On Wednesday 10th December 2014 Fusion Heating arrived on my drive at 8am and I was introduced to Ryan and Craig. They are GREAT lads! They then set about taking out our old Oil system and repositioning our existing hot water tank to be fed by the new Windhager power plant which was due to arrive between 10 and 12 that day. At around 11am Neville the electrician arrived with some extra parts. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the control of Fusion the boiler did not arrive as planned. Jason contacted Windhager H.Q and informed them of our dilemma. Due to the efforts of Jason and the excellent customer service ethic of Windhager an upgraded unit was courier shipped to my home the next day.

Now that’s service by both companies!

On Thursday the boiler arrived mid day and was installed by the lads however due to the complexity of the unit it was decided not to rush the install and commission it the next day. Unfortunately for us it was the second night without c/h and it was bitterly cold, but worth it in the end.

Friday came around and as usual the guys arrived on time and as usual just as cheerful!  I had to go to work but arrived back early afternoon, the lads were still working, I never saw them stop to EAT! Yes I supplied them with tea and bikkies, but they NEVER STOPPED working! Towards the end of the day the boiler was powered up and put through its paces, there were a few teething problems which the lads sorted out over the phone and then we had a lovely hot house again!

A big well done, and thank you to Fusion and Windhager but special thanks to, and in no particular order Craig, Ryan, Neville, Jason and Katie.

I highly recommend Fusion and Windhager products with respect to BioMass, they are both quality companies and I thank them very much.

Warm regards,  ( every pun intended )

Arthur & Michele Hume






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