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Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)

The ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) is funded by the six main energy suppliers and it is estimated that they will be expected to provide around £1.3 billion for the ECO grant. ECO is seen as a replacement for both the “Carbon Emission Reduction” (which ended in 2012) and the Warmfront scheme. The energy company’s obligation was brought in to help with fuel poverty and reduce the UK’s energy consumption.

ECO is provided in the following three parts:

1. Affordable Warmth Obligation

Affordable Warmth Obligation provides heating and insulation improvements for both low-income and vulnerable families. This is criteria based and means tested. Please fill in our interactive form here to see if you are eligible.

2. Carbon Saving Obligation

For those with solid-walled and ‘hard-to-treat” cavity walls, the carbon saving obligation provides funding to insulate these properties with both internal and external wall insulation. This can be used in conjunction with the green deal scheme.

3. Carbon Savings Community Obligation

This part of the ECO obligation is to provide insulation measures to those UK residents living in the bottom 15% most deprived areas. This area of the energy companies obligation is expected to benefit those living In the social housing sector.

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