Mick Wright, Blackburn

Mick Wright, Blackburn

The Fusion fitters went above and beyond the call of duty


Customer: Mick Wright from Blackburn, Lancashire


1. Removal of LPG-fuelled combi boiler; installation of 300 litre cylinder; installation of Windhager wood pellet boiler and stainless steel flue.
2. Boiler installed in kitchen with internal flue to be routed through kitchen ceiling/roof.
3. Water cylinder sited where old combi had lived, in 1st floor bedroom cupboard. All associated pipework to connect 1st floor cylinder to ground floor pellet boiler.


After discussing the location of the new kit and assessing the site, the 2 Fusion heat engineers, Lee and Steve, were keen to ensure that any disruption was kept to a minimum and that the routing of new pipes was no more invasive than what was currently in place. This was no mean feat due to the layout and ancient construction of the property but showed that customer service is as much of a priority as a quality install. The next two days saw the 2 experienced, qualified engineers efficiently replace the old system.

With our sparkling new wood-pellet boiler which directly heats the large, high kitchen as well as providing central heating via our existing radiators, as well as 300 litres of hot water for unlimited baths, showers and cleaning. The Fusion fitters went above and beyond the call of duty to move a radiator and hide all traces of pipework, and calmly dealt with any challenges thrown at them over the 2 day job, including routing the flue beautifully through the old barn roof. ‘Hold on tight!’.


The Result

We now have a beautiful, living flame boiler as the focal point of our kitchen. It is small enough to sit in the corner but powerful enough to give us everything we had before and more. Our kitchen is warm for the first time in 10 years, water pressure is improved due the move away from the combi, our carbon footprint is significantly reduced, and our fuel costs considerably less! The boiler operates on a near identical automatic timer as before and switches on and off as the thermostat and timer demands, as hassle-free as any gas boiler. The family all enjoy periodically filling the internal hopper with pellets, then watching as the innovative system automatically releases pellets into the burner to produce all our heat and hot water. It’s hypnotic. All Fusion staff throughout the process were professional, efficient, courteous, and hardworking.

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